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Welcome to the GPE II Homeowners Website

Gate Post Estates (GPE) is a single-family home subdivision located near the western border of Fairfax County off Route 29 and conveniently situated near the Interstate 66 and Route 28 corridors.  One is immediately charmed by interesting hills and vistas, the spaciousness of its lots, the bike/walk paths along Cub Run, and that the streets are named after different colored posts such as "White Post Road" which forms a loop and is the single entrance.  The subdivision has two distinct part: the "original" section located nearest to Rt. 29 and built by former Battlefield Builders; and the newer section "Gate Post Estates II" which was built by Richmond American, Ferguson-Flynn, and the Airston Group.

GPE II starts with Sacred Lane and house number 6606 White Post Road on the right fork and 6714 White Post Road on the left fork, and extends back to, but not connected with Compton Road.

There are 44 lots in the original section.  GPE II consists of 140 lots of which all 140 are occupied.

GPE II is governed by this homeowners' association. This was a condition of the covenants and bylaws which came with the deed to the house and "run with the land" and are binding to all homeowners.

The original section does not have a homeowners association.  Instead, there is a Gate Post Estates Citizens Association which is comprised primarily of the original section's homeowners but is open to membership for all the Gate Post Estates.  Membership dues are a nominal $5 per year.  It has officers and representatives, one of which serves on the influential Western Fairfax County Committee of Citizens' Associations (WFCCCA).

Both organizations recognize the identity of each other and cooperate jointly on matters common to the whole neighborhood.  An example was the successful campaign effort petitioning our local officials and Richmond American in 1989 in closing the Blue Post Road entrance from Compton Road.  The closure eliminated through-traffic from our main thoroughfares which was extremely heavy during rush hour and posed a danger to the safety of our children and others.

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